The International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA) is a common-interest global association based in San Jose, California. The IIPLA is devoted to providing a platform to bring together everyone who deals with IP and its challenges around the world. Staffed by industry specialists, lawyers and other professionals, the International Intellectual property Law Association (IIPLA) operates as a think tank – monitoring development and evolving trends in the field of Intellectual Property laws across the globe, with the aim of providing information on the leading edge.

Our conferences, summits, and executive briefings offer a combination of lectures. They give an opportunity to speak on IPR and its new challenges in the always evolving world of technology and business. Further, they ensure that the right information is delivered in the right format. Each of our events is based on a solid foundation of research conducted by the IIPLA team. Our research hits the “hot button” issues in the Intellectual Property industry. On the basis of our research, we develop a program that delivers the critical information our delegates demand. As an objective third party, we strive to add value to the IP community by producing unbiased events that balance the needs and views of different committees and members.

An important part of our role is that of “a relationship broker”. We ensure that each of our events offers ample opportunities for our delegates to meet and network with like-minded professionals from around the world. We provide a unique platform to our sponsors and exhibitors and help them to reach highly focused market segments, expand customer networks, build brand value, and make a lasting impression on the existing and potential customers.

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